One killed, many injured in Israeli attack: Amore

Gaza City, 20 May

Israel launched several attacks on the Gaza Strip this morning, killing at least one Palestinian and injuring several others. The latest attacks have come as Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has refused to succumb to US pressure on the attack on Hamas rulers in Gaza. Hamas has fired thousands of rockets at Israel. Netanyahu is facing pressure from his best friend, the United States. However, he insisted on doing as much harm to Hamas as possible, helping him save his political career. Meanwhile, political efforts for a ceasefire between the two sides are now moving forward, a senior Hamas official said that a ceasefire is expected soon.

Israel today launched airstrikes on Gaza City’s central city of Dir al-Bala and the southern city of Khan Younis. At least five houses in Khan Younis were damaged. The Israeli military says it has targeted the homes of at least four Hamas commanders, as well as the military structure of the militant group. A two-storey house collapsed in the attack, injuring 11 people. He is admitted to the hospital. Significantly, a fierce war has been going on between Israel and Palestine for the last 10 days. -App

Netanyahu declares war campaign

Despite US President Joe Biden’s call to ease tensions between the two sides, Netanyahu is determined to continue his campaign against the Gaza Strip. This is the first case of a public spat between two close associates. Netanyahu’s statement may undermine international efforts to reach a ceasefire. After visiting the military headquarters, Netanyahu said that he appreciates the cooperation of the US president, but will continue his campaign for peace and security for the people of Israel. “They are committed to continuing the mission of the campaign,” he said.

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