On January 15, 1894, a team achieved 286 points in a single ball cricket history Australia | Today in the history of cricket, in 1894, 286 points were scored on 1 ball, know the whole story

New Delhi: Cricket is called a game of uncertainties. The entire match is reversed on the last ball. In countries like India, England, Australia, cricket is followed as a relegation. If you look at the history of cricket you will find many rounds of this type which will be hard to believe. On this day in 1894 something happened that you will be surprised to hear.

The story was created in Australia

January 15th, 1894 is very special in the history of cricket but very few people know it. On this date in Australia, a match between “Victoria” and “Scratch XI” was played. In the match, a batsman struck from a distance and the ball got stuck on the tree. After that, the batsmen started to take points, while the outfielders took the ball.

286 runs on 1 ball

By the time the outfielders removed the ball from the tree, the batsmen had run for 286 points. Both beaters ran about 6 kilometers into the crease. As the tree was in the middle of the field, the bowling team called in the referees and said the ball had to be declared lost in order for the batsmen to stop taking runs. However, the referees denied this because the ball was visible. In such a situation, it would be wrong to report the ball as lost.

Let us know that the only source for this news is believed to be the English newspaper Paul Mall Gazette at the time. This news was printed on the sports page of his newspaper, it is said.


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