Olympic Gold Medalist Klete Keller Involved in US Capitol Riots, Arrest Warrant Issued | Olympic gold medalist Kate Keller implicated in U.S. Capitol riots, warrant issued

Washington: Olympic medalist Kate Keller was accused of participating in the riots on the U.S. Capitol on Wednesday. Media reports that Keller has been charged with willful torture in a small building, causing disorder on the U.S. Capitol Ground and obstructing legal work. The documents of the American court are the basis of these reports.

Arrest warrant issued

It is not yet known whether Keller has a lawyer and if he is in custody. But it is certain that an arrest warrant has been issued against him. FBI Special Agent Matthew R. Barofsky wrote in court documents that he confirmed Keller’s identity by comparing the photos to his Colorado driver’s license.

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Keller was seen in an Olympic jacket

Keller, 6 feet 6 inches tall, was reportedly seen in the US Capitol during the riots and was also wearing a US Olympic team jacket. Berofsky wrote in his statement, “Keller is one of the most viewed people out there.”

Court documents further indicate that research has revealed that Keller was identified by a media outlet called SwimSwam, which covers professional swimming well.

USK Swimming doomed

USA Swimming said in its statement, “We respect the rights of individuals and groups to organize peaceful protests, but this has not happened on Capitol Hill in the past. Peaceful protests strengthen democracy. But the sad thing is that this did not happen in this case.

Let us know that Keller Athens won the gold medal in the 4×200-meter freestyle relay at the 2004 Olympic Games. He also won 3 other Olympic medals, including the gold medal in the 4×200-meter freestyle relay at the Olympics. of 2008 in Beijing.

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