Now the vegetables from MS Dhoni’s farm will be eaten by the people of Dubai, know everything

New Delhi: Former captain of the Indian team, MS Dhoni (MS Dhoni), grows vegetables on his farm in Ranchi. Preparations for sending vegetables to Dubai are in the final stages. The Jharkhand Agriculture Department took responsibility for sending the vegetables grown overseas to Dhoni’s farm.
The agency through which the vegetables will be sent abroad has also been selected. The all-season agricultural fresh produce agency used to send many lots of vegetables from the Agriculture Department to outside countries. From now on, this agency will also work to deliver the vegetables from MS Dhoni to Dubai, the responsibility of which has been assumed by the Ministry of Agriculture.

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About 10 acres of the 43-acre farmhouse are cultivated with strawberries, cabbage, tomatoes, broccoli, peas, shank and papaya. Apart from that, there is also cabbage, tomatoes, peas on a very large panama.

Dhoni Field Vegetables (MS Dhoni) have also come to the organic market and people are very fond of these vegetables. Apart from that, the people of Ranchi also enjoy Dhoni milk these days.

Mahendra Singh Dhoni (MS Dhoni) is vacationing in Dubai with his family these days. He also celebrated New Years in Dubai.

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