Mumbai women’s team won 50-game over Nagaland in just 4 balls | Mumbai vs Nagaland: incredible feat in cricket! The 50 plus game ended in just four balls.

New Delhi: In the game of cricket, strange things often happen. For this reason, this game is called a game of uncertainties. But on Wednesday there was something to see at Indore’s Holkar Stadium that will surprise everyone after watching. In fact, a BCCI ODI Senior Women Trophy match ended in just 4 balls on this field.

There was a competition between Mumbai-Nagaland

The Mumbai and Nagaland teams (Mumbai vs Nagaland) faced each other in an ODI Senior Women Trophy match. In this match, the Nagaland (Nagaland) team who came out first at bat were eliminated by 17 points in 17.4 overs. In this Nagaland round, none of his batsmen could cross the number ten. While six of his drummers couldn’t even open their account. Sayali Satghare, from Mumbai (Mumbai), sent the 7 Nagaland batsmen to the flag for only 5 races. The Mumbai team played a total of 9 out of 17 overs.

Mumbai hit the target in 4 balls

In response to Nagaland’s 18-point goal, the Mumbai team came out to bat, winning the game with just four balls from the first. Isha Oja of Mumbai (Mumbai) scored 13 points using three fours, while her partner Rushali Bhagat scored 6 points using a six. Mumbai won this match with 296 balls remaining.

Nagaland has already done this feat

The Nagaland Under-19 team achieved such a feat in 2017. In fact, the Nagaland Under-19 team faced Kerala in a 50-plus game. In this game, Nagaland only scored 2 points after playing 17 overs. There was only one race in it. Of Nagaland’s 10 batsmen, 9 have not opened an account. In response, the Kerala team comfortably won the match on the first ball.

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