Mumbai head coach Salil Ankola infected with coronavirus | This Indian cricketer was seen in Big Boss, now a victim of Corona

New Delhi: Former Indian team fast bowler and currently Mumbai head coach Salil Ankola has been infected with the corona virus. Let me tell you that the corona virus has started to spread again in Maharashtra and now thousands of people are infected here every day. Among these people there is also a name of Salil Ankola, who gave information about this on social networks.

Early career at Sachin Tendulkar

Salil Ankola started his international career with legendary drummer Sachin Tendulkar. Ankola (Salil Ankola) made his Test Series debut against Pakistan in 1990-91 with Sachin. Sachin made his international debut at the age of 16, while Salil Ankola was 20 at the time. But at the age of 28, Ankola retired from cricket due to a leg injury. His cricket career was at its peak around this time.

Pain expressed on social networks

Salil Ankola has expressed the pain of his crown infection on Instagram and Facebook. Not only that, Salil Ankola’s birthday was on March 1 and he was hit by Corona the day before on February 30. Salil Ankola, while giving information about his crown infection on his Instagram, wrote that tomorrow is my birthday and today I am in the grip of Kovid-19. Never forgetting the birthday. It’s scary to face it, but I need everyone’s prayers. I will come back with all the power.

Jalwa showed in Bigg Boss

Salil Ankola had made his way to the world of cinema after the end of his cricket career. Salil Ankola has worked in many great films including Kurukshetra, Ekta, Tera Wait and Rivayat. Apart from that, Salil was also part of the Bigg Boss 2015 season. Salil Ankola, who made his cricket debut at just 20 years old, has played a total of 1 test and 20 ODIs in his cricket career.

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