MS Dhoni New Hairstyle Goes Viral On The Internet, Fans Complain About Captain Cool | MS Dhoni changed her look again, fans gave compliments on Twitter

New Delhi: Despite retiring from international cricket, the MS Dhoni (MS Dhoni) craze is not named. After the IPL 2020 he spends his free time, during this time he changed his look which is very appreciated by his fans.

Dhoni is a style icon

Popularly known as “ Captain Cool, ” the MS Dhoni (MS Dhoni) has changed his hairstyle, which looks great on him. Hopefully her fans will be seen copying this look soon. When Mahi had long hair, this style had become the trend of Indian youth.

MSD looks dashing in all recent pictures #MSDhoni • @MSDhoni • #WhistlePodu

– DHONIsm (@DHONIism) January 24, 2021

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Dhoni’s new look viral

MS Dhoni’s new hairstyle is getting more and more viral on social media. His fans follow him on Twitter and other social media platforms. Let us show a few selected tweets like this.

Last clicks from the dashing MS Dhoni. #MSDhoni • @MSDhoni • #WhistlePodu

– DHONIsm (@DHONIism) January 21, 2021

MS Dhoni’s latest look #MSDhoni • @MSDhoni • #WhistlePodu

– DHONIsm (@DHONIism) January 23, 2021

Last click from the shoot in Mumbai #MSDhoni • @MSDhoni • #WhistlePodu

– DHONIsm (@DHONIism) January 24, 2021

Is it true that he is 39 years old ???
Dashing as always # MSDhoni

– Anubhav Sharma (@ Anubhav_7_45) January 25, 2021

MSD looks dashing in all recent images # Love_You_Mahi @ BCCI # MSDhoni • @MSDhoni • #CaptainCool

– Ramprakash Meena Amanpura Ramprakash_Meena Amanpura (@ RAMPRAKASH9694) January 25, 2021

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