More than 50 policemen injured in Berlin May Day riots: Amore

Berlin, 2 May

More than 50 police officers were injured during traditional May Day rallies in Berlin. More than 250 protesters were detained. The German Police Union gave this information today.

According to the German police, rallies were held at more than 20 locations in the country’s capital on May Day and most of them were peaceful. Meanwhile, a leftist march of 8,000 people took a violent turn from the Newcoil and Kreuzberg areas of the city. There have been clashes in these areas for decades. Meanwhile, protesters threw bottles and stones at police personnel and set fire to garbage and barricades lying on the streets. Berlin Deputy Police Chief Stefan Callum told the German news agency DPA, “We do not have the exact number, but it is known that more than 50 of our workers have been injured and more than 250 protesters have been detained.” Condemned. ” Throwing stones at bottles and burning barricades on the streets. -App

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