Mohammed Siraj becomes the first Indian beginner to choose 5 test counters in 7 years after Mohammed Shami | Mohammed Siraj became the Indian beginner who took 5 wickets for the first time in 7 years, the first Shami did amazing

Melbourne: During the Boxing Day Test held in Melbourne between India and Australia, the Indian team beat Australia by 8 wickets. Mohammad Siraj (Mohammed Siraj) was instrumental in this victory for the Indian team, who made their cricket test debut from this match.

The beginner took 5 wickets in 7 years

Playing his first test, Mohammed Siraj took five wickets in this game. With this, he became the Indian debutant (player playing first game), taking 5 wickets for the first time in 7 years. Previously, Mohammed Shami had done this feat.

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Siraj wanks 5 wickets in 36.3 overs

Siraj won five wickets in both innings, totaling 36.3 overs. In the first set, Siraj took 2 wickets for 40 points in 15 overs, while in the second set he took 3 wickets for 37 points in 21.3 overs.


These Australian drummers were out

Mohammed Siraj took the wicket from Cameron Green in both sets. Apart from that, Siraj also took the wicket from Marnus Labushain in the opening innings. In the second round, Siraj took the wicket from Trevid Head, Nathan Lyon in addition to Green.

Shami did amazing before Siraj

Prior to Siraj, Mohammed Shami took five wickets in his first game against India in November 2013. Shami took nine wickets in his first test against the West Indies. The funny thing is that Siraj had a chance in this game because of Mohammed Shami’s injury. Previously, Ravichandran Ashwin had made nine wickets against the West Indies in Delhi while making his debut in 2011.

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