Mohammed Shami’s Wife Hasin Jahan Shares Akshay Kumar Video Viral Video | Shami’s wife, Hasin Jahan’s ‘Rowdy’ style, these expressions are given on Akshay Kumar’s songs

New Delhi: Everyone remembers the controversy in the married life of Mohammed Shami and his wife Hasin Jahan. Shami’s wife Haseen is very active on social media. She is constantly making headlines by sharing her photos and videos on Instagram.

Rowdy is seen in a gorgeous style

Hasin Jahan recently shared a video of her on Instagram. In this video, she gives Akshay Kumar’s Rowdy Rathore a beautiful expression on a superhit song ‘Pritam Pyare’. He wrote in the caption that his daughter taught him these expressions.

Shami and Haseen Jahan did not divorce

Hasin has been living separately with his daughter for some time due to a dispute with Mohammed Shami. The dispute between these two has been going on for a long time. Please say that there is no divorce between the two.

Shami-Hasin Jahan’s personal life popped up in the media

Mohammed Shami and Haseen Jahan got married on April 7, 2014. After a few years, Shami’s wife accused him of having a relationship with other women. Hasin also made serious allegations like the rape of Shami.

After that, there was a lot of news about Haseen Jahan. It was said that in 2002 Haseen fell in love with a trader named Sheikh Saifuddin. At that time Haseen was studying in 10th grade. Hasin Jahan opposed the family and married Saifuddin the same year, but this marriage could not last long. Hasin and Saifuddin divorced in 2010. Hasin and Saifuddin also have 2 children, who live near their father.

Haseen became a cheerleader in 2012 after breaking up with Saifuddin and it was around this time that she and Mohammed Shami first met. From the first meeting, the two began to love and date. However, after all these conflicts, these two live apart.

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