Mohammad Amir retires from cricket, alleges management of cricket in Pakistan for mental torture | Mohammad Amir withdraws from cricket angry with PCB, accuses management of mental harassment

New Delhi: Pakistan’s star bowler Mohammad Amir has announced his retirement from international cricket. Aamir has already said goodbye to Test Cricket and has now decided to take an indefinite break. His decision took everyone by surprise.

Aamir retired from cricket

A video of Mohammad Amir is becoming increasingly viral on Twitter and in this video Aamir made serious allegations against PCB. Aamir said: “I am leaving cricket at the moment, I don’t think I can play with the current management”.

Aamir has made serious claims about PCB

Aamir accused the Pakistan Cricket Board and team management of mentally torturing them, saying, “I am mentally tortured and I cannot stand this torture anymore. I suffered a lot from 2013 to 2015 and whatever happened at that time, I took the punishment.

He said: “The two people who have always supported me are (Najam) Sethi Saheb and Shahid Afridi. Because the rest of the team said not to play with Aamir. This kind of atmosphere was created.

Here is Pakistani fast pitcher @iamamirofficial announcing his retirement from international cricket in protest against the behavior of Pak team management. he was talking to me

– Shoaib Jatt (@Shoaib_Jatt) December 17, 2020

Aamir’s international career

At the age of 17, Mohammad Amir made his ODI and Test debut against Sri Lanka in 2009. At the same time, he started his T20 career against England.

The 28-year-old has appeared in 36 tests, 61 ODIs and 50 T20 games for Pakistan. In which he took 250 international counters.

According to current news in Pakistani and Indian media, Mohammad Aamir has decided to retire from international cricket, which Mohammad Aamir and the Pakistan Cricket Board have not confirmed.

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