Many companies to invest in UK including Serum Institute: Amore

London, 4 May

The Serum Institute of India will invest 24 240 million in the UK to expand its vaccine production capacity. The company will open its sales office here. This will generate many jobs. It was announced by Downing Street. There is a plan to invest one billion pounds in the UK to promote India-UK trade partnership. This will create 6,500 jobs in the UK.

A virtual summit between Prime Minister Boris Johnson and Narendra Modi is scheduled to take place soon. Apart from the Poonawala-led Serum Institute, 20 Indian companies are set to invest heavily in various sectors in the UK.

The Serum Institute has begun testing the first round of nasal vaccines in the UK to eradicate coronaviruses.

Poonawala is in London and recently announced that he is expanding the company in the UK. Biotech firm Global Gene Corp will invest millions of pounds in the UK over the next five years. Prime Minister Boris Johnson said he welcomed the company’s investment in the Human Genome Project, which has a campus in Cambridge. In addition, Wipro and Sterlite Technology will also announce investments. The British Prime Minister also praised India’s role in supplying medicines and vaccines to Britain and other countries last year. -PTI

India-UK approve roadmap for strategic partnership -2030

New Delhi: A summit between Prime Minister Narendra Modi and his British counterpart Boris Johnson today approved the “Roadmap -2030” for greater strategic partnership between the two countries. A statement issued by the Prime Minister’s Office after the meeting said that the roadmap would pave the way for stronger exchanges in key areas such as people-to-people contacts, trade and economy, defense and security, climate and health over the next 10 years. . The two leaders discussed the latest status of Kovid 19 as well as a successful partnership on ongoing cooperation and vaccination in the fight against the epidemic. -PTI

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