Latest update on Sourav Ganguly Health, angioplasty is complete, had 2 heart blockages | Sourav Ganguly regains consciousness, the doctor receives important information through angioplasty

New Delhi: Former Indian captain and current BCCI president Sourav Ganguly was admitted to Woodlands Hospital with chest pain. Although now he’s out of danger. Ganguly underwent angioplasty and is now stable.

There were two critical blockages in the heart

Sourav Ganguly was doing a workout in his home gym and during that time he got dizzy and then complained of a power outage. He called his family doctor who advised him to be hospitalized immediately. His ECG test was done after he was taken to hospital.

Dr Rupali Basu and Dr Saroj Mandal from Woodlands Hospital informed that there were two blockages in their heart which were critical ”. It is a matter of relief that his health is stable.

Sourav Ganguly underwent angioplasty. He’s stable now. He will be monitored for 24 hours. He is fully aware. There are two blockages in his heart that he will be treated for: Dr Aftab Khan, Woodlands Hospital, Kolkata.

– ANI (@ANI) January 2, 2021

He also had angioplasty and now there is nothing to panic about, Ganguly is fully conscious. However, they will now be monitored for 24 hours.

Sourav Ganguly was the ‘big’ captain

Sourav Ganguly has played 113 tests, 311 international one-day career. He has 11,363 ODI races and a total of 7,212 career test races. Not only that, it has also taken 100 ODI cricket wickets which also includes 5 wickets 2 times.

Ganguly is one of the great captains of the Indian team. He conducted 49 tests and 147 ODIs for India. Under his leadership, Team India has achieved many successes. After 1983, Team India rose to captain Ganguly until the World Cup final in 2003.

At the same time, India named the Net West series against England in 2002 and after that Ganguly took off his shirt on the Lord’s balcony and waved in the air.

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