Lack of vaccine in Nepal worsens the situation: Amore

Kathmandu, 7 May

Nepal is in dire need of a coronovirus vaccine and other essential medicines. Experts fear that the situation may worsen as the corona case grows rapidly. Hospital beds are not available in Nepal and there is a shortage of medical oxygen. Nepal launched a vaccination campaign on 1 January and India donated one million doses of AstraZeneca. But now this vaccine has been banned as the number of cases has increased in India too. Vaccination has now resumed after China received eight million doses. Sputnik vaccine is also being imported from Russia. In Nepal, 2.1 million people have received the first dose of the vaccine so far. Less than four million people have received the second dose. Border workers were the first to be vaccinated. Nepal has also signed a deal to purchase the vaccine from Serum Institute. -PTI

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