Kovid-19: American Foundation sends 32 more ventilators to India: Amore

Houston, May 6

The US India Chamber of Commerce (USICOC) Foundation has sent 32 more portable ventilators to India to help fight the second deadly outbreak of the coronavirus epidemic. In the next few days, the Foundation will send 25 more ventilators to India with different oxygen concentrations as the third batch. The US India Chamber of Commerce of Dallas-Fort Worth and the Indo-American Chamber of Greater Houston (IACCGH) have joined hands in this effort to unify the entire Indo-American community in Texas. Jagdeep Ahluwalia, executive and founding director, IOCCGH, blamed several community organizations and businesses for the success of the initiative. Mr. Ahluwalia also appreciated the contribution made by the logistics and cargo teams. These teams include Perimeter Global Logistics, Southwest Airlines and United Airlines. IACCCGH President Tarush Anand said, “While everything that is happening in India is heart-wrenching, it is encouraging the Indo-US community to come together to help the people of India in this time of need.” . -PTI

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