KKR Bowler Varun Chakaravarthy Marries Girlfriend Neha Khedekar | This mysterious melon from KKR got married, took 7 turns with his girlfriend Neha Khedekar

Chennai: Kolkata Knight Rider (KKR) Dangerous pitcher Varun Chakaravarthy tied the knot. He took seven wedding tours with his girlfriend Neha Khedekar in Chennai. KKR posted the video on Instagram and congratulated the two on their marriage.

Varun Chakraborty returned with a shoulder injury
Let us tell you that this KKR star spinner has been selected to the Indian team for the T20 series of the Australian tour. But he injured his shoulder during the tournament. After which he returned to India after the IPL tournament played in the United Arab Emirates.

Varun tied with girlfriend Neha Khedekar
Varun Chakaravarthy was due to get married earlier this year. But due to the Corona outbreak, he had to change his schedule and postpone the wedding date. Returning from the United Arab Emirates, he took the opportunity and married his girlfriend.

KKR congratulates the new couple on their wedding
KKR posted a video on Instagram – on behalf of the Kolkata Knight Riders family, many congratulations to Varun Chakaravarthy and Neha Khedekar (Neha Khedekar) for starting their lives as husband and wife.

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The bride and groom played cricket at the wedding
In the video released by KKR, Varun Chakaravarthy, wearing a wedding dress, is seen playing cricket at home with his wife Neha Khedekar (Neha Khedekar). Varun Chakraborty throws the ball three times and Neha Khedekar shoots him a brilliant shot. Meanwhile, family and friends in the house express their happiness over the excellent chemistry of the two.


Varun was previously an independent architect
Let us know that Varun Chakraborty won 17 wickets in the IPL-2020 tournament held in the United Arab Emirates this year. He was the only bowler to win 5 wickets in one set this season. Varun Chakraborty was bought by Punjab XI in 2019 for Rs 8.4 crore. He also worked as a freelance architect before becoming a cricketer.

Bowling claims seven ways
Varun Chakraborty claims he can throw 7 way balls in offbreak, legbreak, googly, carrom ball, pinball, topspin, toe match. KKR bought it in 2020 by donating 4 crore rupees. After that, his performance continued to grow day by day.

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