Karona crisis: India seeks help from China: Amore

Beijing, May 13


Demand for reinstatement of cargo flights sought help in reducing prices of medical products

India has sought help from China to deal with the worsening situation in the country due to the second wave of Kovid-19. India says that China should help in reducing the price of essential medical items purchased by Chinese traders from Chinese manufacturers. India also demanded that China resume cargo flights to maintain the medical supply chain.

Consul General of India in Hong Kong, Priyanka Chauhan said that the rising cost of medical supplies like oxygen concentrations and the interruption of cargo vessels in India are affecting the supply of medical supplies. Speaking to the South China Morning Post, Chauhan said, “I would like to say that at this time we need to keep the supply chain open and the product prices stable.” “Of course there is some supply-demand pressure but there should be some stability in product prices and some information about future prices,” he said. He said that support and efforts should also be seen at the level of government. He did not know how much influence the Chinese government could have in this case, but he would be welcomed if he could. His remarks came amid India’s efforts to supply medical supplies, particularly oxygen concentrations, to address oxygen shortages in hospitals. On 26 April, Sichuan Airlines banned all cargo flights for 15 days, citing Coronavirus conditions in India. The airline later said that it would review the situation and decide, but has not done so. Flight forwarders in Shanghai said that Sichuan Airlines has announced the resumption of its three cargo flights from Chongqing and Xi’an to Delhi from May 17. The cargo is currently being flown by other airlines in India including SpiceJet and Blue Dart. These services carry medical supplies from China by ship empty from India. -PTI

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