Justin Langer praised Team India, said it in praise News in Hindi

Sydney: Australia head coach Justin Langer said the Indian team have been extremely disciplined, especially in the bowling department, and also expressed confidence that his team will start the third test from from January 7. Will be able to overcome his batting weaknesses before the game.

When Justin Langer was asked about Australia’s low score in the current round of tests he gave many reasons for this, exact and fatal Indian bowling is key. Team India bowlers did not allow Australian beaters to score big.

Langer said during the virtual press conference: “His strongest side in the last 2 series has been the discipline. They (the Indians) were very disciplined. I liked the last 2 test matches because they saw the competition between the ball and the bat. You have to work harder and it’s called Test Cricket.

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Langer said the Indian bowlers played for their batsmen on the straight and decorated the field accordingly. He said: “ The wickets we’ve played so far had a sewing motion and a little swing was going on as well. India played on the straight for some of our batsmen and therefore applied the players to the field setting.

Langer praised Ravichandran Ashwin, saying, “You cannot ignore Ashwin. How many bowlers took 380 test wickets. A great bowler is the one who is difficult to score against and Jasprit Bumrah is such a bowler right now, Ashwin is such a bowler and we are well aware of that.

He said: “We know what kind of cricket we like to play, but the credit goes to India. He played well, the disciplined bowling and the wickets we played were competitive, so I don’t care about my score rate.

Langer said they are working to eliminate their batting weaknesses and strategize to deal with Indian spinners. He said: “I think we need to look at our strategy against the Indian spinners. Ashwin is a very good bowler and last week and after that we worked hard.
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