Johnson urges people to be vigilant in case of lockdown: Amore

London: Prime Minister Boris Johnson has indicated a relaxation of lockdown restrictions, urging people to take extra precautions. The new Form B 1.617.2 of Kovid-19 found in India is being closely watched after a rapid increase in cases in the UK. Johnson has considered lifting the ban in England, Wales and Scotland. Under this, pubs, restaurants and cinemas can be opened and most businesses can start as usual. With the lockdown opening in the UK, testing and vaccination are being emphasized due to fears of a new strain of Indian coronaviruses. British Health Minister Matt Hancock has warned that for those who have not been vaccinated, Indian infection can spread like wildfire. Prime Minister Boris Johnson has called for people to be tested and vaccinated twice a week. Also do not forget the instructions for washing hands, social distancing and walking in the open air. According to experts, a new type of infection is spreading rapidly, but according to preliminary data, the effect of the vaccine is against it. -PTI

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