Jofra Archer, furious at ISIS comment on Moeen Ali, targets Taslima Nasreen

New Delhi: Bangladeshi writer Taslima Nasreen angered everyone with her controversial comment on Moin Ali. Taslima Nasreen recently wrote on Twitter, commenting on Moin Ali: “ If Moin Ali had not played cricket, he would have gone to Syria and joined ISIS. Let us tell you, Taslima Nasreen said that because recently Moin Ali demanded that people remove beer from the Chennai Super Kings jersey.

Jofra Archer, Moin Ali’s teammate on the England cricket team, took Taslima Nasreen on target for such a controversial comment. After this controversial tweet, Jofra Archer responded to Taslima Nasreen and wrote: ‘Are you okay? I don’t think you’re okay.

In addition to Jofra Archer, Taslima Nasreen fans on Twitter took a class. After that, Taslima wrote on Twitter: ‘These haters should know that the tweet about Moeen Ali was made in a joke. But he insisted on harassing me, because I am opposed to Muslim society being secular and fundamentalism Islamic. Mankind’s greatest misfortune is that female partisans support leftist and anti-female Islamists.

After that, Jofra Archer responded to Taslima Nasreen and wrote: ‘Kidding? Nobody Laughs You are not even yourself. All you can do right now is delete your tweet.

Seeing herself surrounded by critics, Taslima Nasreen had to delete the controversial tweet. Let us tell you that Taslima Nasreen has also received death threats from Muslim communities because of her fatherhood. Taslima Nasreen had to leave her country, after which she had to acquire Swedish nationality.

Please say that Moin Ali was bought by Chennai in 2021 at auction for 7 crore. Previously, he was part of RCB. Moin Ali will be seen playing for the Chennai Super Kings in the 14th IPL season.

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