Joe Burns says the absence of Virat Kohli and Mohammad Shami is a big loss for the Indian team | Joe Burns said: ‘The Indian team will suffer a big loss due to the absence of Virat Kohli and Mohammad Shami’

Adelaide: Australia’s first match Joe Burns believes the second test cricket match against India from Melbourne on December 26 will be very important in deciding the fate of the 4-game series and therefore His team will not will spare no effort in this regard.

After an embarrassing 8-wicket defeat in the first test, the Indian team will now start the second game without Virat Kohli going home on paternity leave. Ajinkya Rahane will lead the Indian squad in the remaining matches of the series.

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Joe Burns said in a virtual press conference Monday: “We also noticed some gaps in our team. You just have to prepare well, start well and resume the rhythm of the previous match. We know that the Indians will spare no effort to return to the next Test because this match will play an important role in determining the fate of the series.

Burns has admitted that the absence of Virat Kohli and injured Mohammed Shami is a ‘big loss’, but he is hoping for a strong comeback from India. He said: “Absolutely the absence of Shami and Virat is a great loss for India. But there are some very good players in the Indian team and so they will always present a difficult challenge.

Burns said: “ It will always be difficult to take the place of world class players like them, but when we see who is going to replace them, we will prepare very well for the next game. We know India will make a comeback. During the first test match, Shami’s wrist fractured, excluding him from the remaining matches in the series.

Burns was in poor shape going into the series, but he made a comeback with half a century in the second round at Adelaide Oval. Burns said he was back to his old pace after the draw played by fast bowler Umesh Yadav. He said, “It’s so interesting that often a shot gives you what you’re looking for as a batsman. My first draw on Umesh Yadav was similar after which I felt great.

In the second round of the first Test played in the spotlight, the Indian team was eliminated by 36 points ahead of Josh Hazlewood (5 wickets for 8) and Pat Cummins (4 wickets for 21 innings) in the fatal bowling alley. Burns said, “Our team is the best in the world. We play with confidence in any venue against everyone. The performance of our bowlers was incredible. He also played well in the opening heats.

Regarding Prithvi Shaw’s poor form, he said, “I won’t give him any advice. I play against him. I don’t know exactly what form it is. If they play for India, there will be good players. Starting the heats is difficult but I can give him some advice at the end of the series, but not now.
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