Jasprit Bumrah- Sanjana Ganesan- Wedding Bumrah Sanjana- Memes- Fans share memes on Bumrah- Sanjana | After news of Jasprit Bumrah and Sanjana’s wedding, these memes go fiercely viral on social media

New Delhi: Indian team star fast pitcher Jasprit Bumrah could tie the knot with TV presenter Sanjana Ganesan this month in Goa. News spread very quickly on social media that Bumrah and Sanjana could get married on March 14 or 15. However, the two have yet to confirm this. But people still made Bumrah’s wedding a whole new way to have fun.

Has Bumrah taken time off due to his marriage?

Jasprit Bumrah had recently withdrawn his name from the remaining tour against England for personal reasons. Later, people started to speculate that Bumrah had taken a hiatus from Team India for her wedding for a while. Now there are also reports that Bumrah (Jasprit Bumrah) will marry famous sports presenter Sanjana Ganesan on the 14th or 15th of this month.

A flood of mimes on Twitter

As soon as the news of Bumrah and Sanjana’s (Sanjana Ganesan) wedding hit people’s ears, they started sharing a lot on social media. People shared a lot of moms before Bumrah’s wedding. No one has confirmed to Bashrah (Jasprit Bumrah) or Sanjana that they are getting married, but people have started to spoil their privacy by making memes.

Stuart Binny married Mayanti Langer

Now Jasprit Bumrah is getting ready to marry Sanjana Ganeshan. !!!

Star sports need to keep their anchors away from Indian cricketers pic.twitter.com/AkF58LXoBX

– Saurav Vashishth (@ vashishth_07) March 8, 2021

Jasprit Bumrah marries Star Sports KKR presenter Sanjana Ganesan

Bumrah be Like – #BumrahMarriage #bumrah #JaspritBumrah #Sanjana #jaspritbumrahmarriage #sanjanaganesan https://t.co/1Mpdmf6juc pic.twitter.com/J4k6peciip

– GurPreet ChAudhary (@ GuriChaudhary77) March 8, 2021

KKR boy fell in love with MI girl

MI boy fell in love with KKR girl

Perfectly balanced, because everything should be pic.twitter.com/oykqznBGuZ

– Sagar (@sagarcasm) March 8, 2021

So bumrah will be KKR’s damade https://t.co/JUfz8za5aJ

– Awantika (@awantika_j) March 8, 2021

Bumrah well done pic.twitter.com/7vWkv1XBYk

– AT (@atharvaasamant) March 8, 2021

Respect and big fan of how Bumrah has kept his personal life so private. I kept everyone guessing. Not easy to do these days.

– absy (@absycric) March 8, 2021

Who is Sanjana Ganesan?

Sanjana Ganesan is a sports presenter for Star Sports Network. It has become the host of big tournaments like IPL, ICC Cricket World Cup, Pro Badminton League. Sanjana Ganesan is also the anchor of the Kolkata Knight Riders special.

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