Jason Roy rages after being played by Bhuvi, that “embarrassing” action in a dugout canoe. News in Hindi

Ahmedabad: Team India beat England by 36 points in the final and decisive T20 game on Friday and won the T20 series in 5 games 3-2. India (Team India), at bat first, scored a mammoth 224 points for two wickets, then limited England to 188 points for eight wickets in 20 overs.

Bhuvi played Jason Roy

In this match, when the England team came to chase the target, Bhuvneshwar Kumar gave England opener Jason Roy a clean audacity on the second ball of the set. Bhuvneshwar Kumar, an expert in swing bowling, did a clean bowling while dodging Jason Roy on his inswinger ball.

Jason Roy did this shameful act in the dug

Faced with this fatal ball from Bhuvneshwar Kumar, Jason Roy had no answer and had to come back to zero. After getting out, Jason Roy appeared very angry and took his anger over the water bottle. Jason Roy went to the canoe and hit his bat vigorously on the present water bottle and broke the bottle. This Jason Roy video is becoming increasingly viral on social media.


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Please say that in this match, Bhuvneshwar Kumar received the “Man of the Match” award. Bhuvneshwar Kumar took 2 wickets for 15 races in 4 overs. During this time, his bowling save rate was 3.80, which is very good in T20. Now, India will start the ODI three-game series against England from March 23 in Pune.

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