Israeli attacks on Gaza continue, 33 dead, including eight children: Amore

Gaza City, 16 May

The Israeli airstrike on Gaza city today destroyed three buildings and killed at least 33 people. According to the Gaza Health Department, 12 women and eight children were killed and 50 others were injured. Earlier, the Israeli military said that the house of a top Hamas leader, Yahya Sinwar, was destroyed in Gaza. The bombing was carried out shortly after noon in the Khan Younis area south of Gaza. Israel continues to target Hamas leaders. While the international community is trying to restore peace through mediation. Tensions between Jews and Arabs have also increased within the West Bank and Israel. So far 181 Palestinians have been killed and more than 1,225 injured in Gaza. At least eight people have died in Israel. -App

An injured person comes out of the wreckage of a collapsed building. -Photo: People’s demonstration against Israel in AP / PTI Gaza. -Photo: AP / PTI

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