Israel invades Hamas, 24 killed: Amore

Gaza City, 11 May

Israel launched airstrikes on Gaza early Tuesday. The blasts targeted Hamas’ field commander’s house and two border tunnels. Hamas and other terrorist groups have fired dozens of rockets at Israel. Tensions have been building in Jerusalem for weeks, with the result of attacks on Hamas. 24 Palestinians, including nine children, have been killed in cross-border shelling in Gaza since Monday evening. The Israeli military says that 15 terrorists are among those who died. Meanwhile, militants in Gaza have fired more than 200 rockets at Israel. Six Israelis were injured in the attack. Hamas-fired rockets target Israeli apartments.

Earlier, there were clashes between Palestinian and Israeli security forces for several hours. The clashes also occurred mainly on Jerusalem and the West Bank. More than 700 Palestinians have been injured and 500 are hospitalized in the conflict. Hundreds of Arab community residents in Israel have started protesting against the unrest. The Israeli military said in a statement today that the army chief has ordered more troops to be sent to the south of the country as the conflict in Gaza entered its second day. -App

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