Israel condemns targeting of media institutions: Amore

New Delhi, 16 May

Several Indian media organizations, including the Editors Guild of India, have condemned Israel’s air strikes on AP and Al Jazeera offices in Gaza. The building that was attacked had offices in the Associated Press, Al Jazeera and several other media organizations. The guild said in a statement that given the region’s backdrop, it appears that the attack has been “determined” by Israel to target media organizations, which could prevent news from spreading in this highly sensitive area. He said that doing so could pose a major threat to global security. The group demanded that the Israeli government explain its decision to carry out the attack, as well as show “evidence of the reasons for the attack”. The guild also called for a UN-sponsored investigation into the attack. He also asked the Indian government to take up the issue with the Israeli government and demand an inquiry. The Indian Women’s Press Corps, Press Association and Press Club of India have also condemned the attacks. -PTI

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