IPL 2021: Ravi Bishnoi worked as a laborer to play cricket-Punjab Kings | IPL 2021: salaries were made to pitch, now everyone is dancing on their balls Ravi Bishnoi

New Delhi: The Indian Premier League (IPL) has always given big players to all countries of the world playing cricket. IPL has become such a platform for young players that anyone can play for their country showing the best games from here. The young Indian Ravi Bishnoi has also won a lot of name from the IPL. However, very few people know the story of this player’s struggle to get here.

Worked to make a pitch

In fact, Ravi Bishnoi (Ravi Bishnoi) made some big revelations by telling the story of his fight on the Sports Yaari YouTube channel. Ravi said no one in his family was already linked to cricket and his financial situation was not such that he could go to a club and get training. Ravi said he opened a sports academy in Jodhpur with his trainer, who was called Spartan. But he didn’t have the money to provide the land and other facilities for the academy. In such a situation, he worked with several of his colleagues from the bag of cement to the lifting of the brick.

Review of the board left for the trial of the Rajasthan Royals

Ravi (Ravi Bishnoi), meanwhile, made another big reveal. He said that once he dropped his 12th grade council exam to put the Royals of Rajasthan on trial. He was rejected in this lawsuit, but he did not give up. Recalling the early days of his struggle, Bishnoi said failure is part of your path to progress. But when you get the chance, don’t let it go to waste and show your best.

Ravi captured everyone’s hearts in the last IPL

Prior to IPL 2020 (IPL 2021), Kings XI Punjab (now Punjab Kings) bought Ravi Bishnoi for Rs 2 crore. During this season, he played a total of 14 games, in which Ravi managed to take 12 wickets. Ravi also spoke about Punjab captain KL Rahul. He said when I broke the partnership in the first game against Sunrisers Hyderabad and took two wickets in the same, the whole team congratulated me and Captain Rahul always trusted me. Ravi also took heed of advice received from Punjab coach Anil Kumble and Under-19 team coach Rahul Dravid.

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