IPL 2021 Punjab Kings vs Rajasthan Royals Last Match on Sanju Samson | IPL 2021: Sanju Samson’s overconfidence in Rajasthan? Lost bet

Mumbai: Despite a superb 119-race 63-ball innings from Sanju Samson, captain of their first game, the Rajasthan Royals suffered a thrilling 4-point loss in the thrilling IPL game played at Wankhede Stadium on Monday. The match was decided on the last ball. Chasing a goal of 222 points, the Rajasthan team scored 217 points for seven wickets in 20 overs. On the last ball, Samson needed five points to win the team, but he was absent. In this game, a decision by Sanju Samson was overshadowed by the Rajasthan Royals team.

Samson’s decision was overwhelming

When the Rajasthan Royals needed five points on the last two balls to win, Sanju Samson refused to take a single from Chris Morris on the non-attacking side. This put pressure on the Rajasthan team and from there they had to score 5 points on the last ball to win. In such a situation, if Sanju hit a four then the match would be tied and reach the super finish, but Sanju lost his wicket in an attempt to hit a six and the Rajasthan team lost the match.

Thrill of the last finish

In the last over, Rajasthan Royals needed 13 points to win. Arshadip Singh played in 20th place for Punjab. Only 2 points came out of the first 3 balls. After that, Samson hit a six on the fourth ball. On the fifth ball, Sanju Samson refused to run against Chris Morris on the non-attacking side. On the last ball, Rajasthan needed 5 points to win. Samson fired, but it passed through the hands of Deepak Hooda standing on the dividing line.

Punjab take thrilling victory

Let us know that despite the third IPL century of Sanju Samson’s career, the Rajasthan Royals suffered a four-point loss to the Punjab Kings in an exciting high-scoring game on Monday. Punjab Kings scored 221 points for six wickets. In response to this, the Rajasthan Royals team was able to score 217 points for seven wickets despite a great century of Sanju Samson (119 points, 63 balls, 12 fours, seven sixes).

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