IPL 2021: Moeen Ali’s father says someone tried to kill him when he was 13 | IPL 2021: Attempt to crash car at age 13, Moeen Ali’s dad revealed

New Delhi: New Delhi: England star cricketer Moeen Ali has been in the news since a controversial tweet from Bangladeshi writer Taslima Nasreen. Meanwhile, his father Munir Ali made a big revelation about Moin.

Deadly attack on Moin

Moin’s father, Munir Ali, revealed that Moeen Ali deliberately tried to crash a car as a child. He told ESPN Cricinfo: ‘He was around 13 at the time and coming home from school. Then a car came quickly towards Moin, it missed it and slipped. The driver was probably an Asian man. Moeen told us he had never seen him before or after. He opened the window and, while abusing, backed up the car and hit Moin hard with the car. Moin collapsed and the car crashed into the side of the curb. The collision was so rapid that the car overturned.

He added: “A trader called me. When I ran and got there, I saw Moin was crying and a lot of blood was coming out of one of his legs. Moeen felt it was probably an accident. I tried to see the driver. It was no accident. He said something and also said: ‘You’re lucky I didn’t kill her. After listening to this, I understood that it was done intentionally. I hit her mouth and nose. I have never been so angry.

Moeen Ali then had the impression that his father would probably kill the man. But people quickly came up there and they intervened. After that, the police arrived. The next day, Moeen’s statement was also recorded at the school.

There was a dispute over Nasreen’s tweet

Bangladeshi writer Taslima Nasreen wrote on Twitter: “If Moeen Ali hadn’t played cricket, he would have joined Syria with ISIS.” Significantly, Taslima said this because recently Moin had requested the removal of the alcohol mark from the Chennai Superkings (CSK) jerseys. After that, Taslima Nasreen was fiercely trolled. Seeing the escalating controversy, Taslima deleted his tweet and clarified that the tweet against England cricketer Moeen Ali was just a joke.

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