IPL 2021: Harshal Patel talks about his career after IPL 2018 | IPL 2021: 3 years ago Harshal Patel was insulted, now revenge by returning to Dhansu

New Delhi: The Royal Challengers Bangalore (RCB) beat the five-time Indian champions Mumbai by 2 wickets in their 2021 IPL opener. RCB bowler Harshal Patel proved to be a star for him in this game. match. Patel made a big revelation in his life.

Great performance against Mumbai

Harshal Patel played well against the Mumbai Indians while playing for RCB. Harshal took five wickets while performing brilliantly in death overs. Harshal named several great records in this match. In 2018, Harshal was included in his team by Delhi Capitals for 20 lakh rupees. But he didn’t have the chance to play more games.

Harshal felt humiliated in 2018

In the meantime, Harshal Patel has made a big revelation about his life. According to IANS, he said: “ Until 2018 people weren’t very interested in me because they saw me as a bowler. I took this as an insult and started working on my stick as well. I’m not a technically good person but I can score.

Harshal doesn’t want to be a burden on the team

Harshal Patel, meanwhile, has said he doesn’t want to be a burden on his team. He said, “I want to be a bowler who takes responsibility for his team. Instead of being a burden, I consider it a privilege. Patel (Harshal Patel) has played 49 IPL games so far and during that time he has taken 51 wickets and his save rate is 8.69 runs per over.

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