IPL 2021: ECB cricket director Ashley Giles says we risk losing our best players to IPL | IPL 2021: fear haunts England, many great players risk losing due to IPL

New Delhi: There are still a few days to start the 14th season of the Indian Premier League (IPL 14). Big players around the world are desperate to play in the IPL. Meanwhile, the England and Wales Cricket Board (ECB) fear losing several of their great players to the IPL.

No clash with the players regarding the IPL

ECB Director of Cricket Ashley Giles said the board did not want a confrontation with the players because of their participation in the IPL because if they were asked to choose between the IPL and the national team of the team, they could lose some of the best players.

Giles said on a BBC show: “ Our players love to play for England. I don’t want a difficult situation to happen. We have to understand that this may be bad for the future. We don’t particularly want to come into conflict with our players regarding participation in the IPL because in such a situation we might have to lose some big players.

Let me tell you that many great England players including Jose Butler have made it clear that they can skip certain games of their national team to play in this league. Due to which the ECB has decided that not all England players who reach the IPL finals will be recalled.

Players are making a lot of money in IPL which makes them so keen to play in this league.

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