Indian fans get confused after third referee ruled alternate Indian captain against Australia | Ind vs Aus, 3rd test: The third referee yields to Rahane, Tim Paine benefits from the doubt; The fiercely indignant fans

Melbourne: The Indian cricket team strengthened their grip in the second test match played at the Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG) between India and Australia. In this match, Indian fans were agitated after Indian captain Ajinkya Rahane was exhausted and compared to Australian captain Tim Paine was not abandoned.

Why did Tim Benn benefit from the doubt?

Fans wondered that when Ajinkya Rahane was given then why Tim Paine benefited from the doubt and why it was not given. People have raised questions about the arbitration and expressed fierce anger on Twitter.

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Rahane leaves despite having reached the line

Ajinkya Rahane added eight more in Matchday 2’s 104 score and then was exhausted. In the 100th of the game, Jadeja was one run away from his half a century and he ran to run, playing the ball towards the blankets. After that, Rahane, standing at the end of the non-attacker, had a run out, while in reruns it was clear his bat had hit the line. Rahane has scored 12 fours in his 112 innings, facing 223 balls.

Tim Paine enjoys the doubt

At the same time, in the Australian heats, Australian batsman Cameron Green shot for points in the 55th and Tim Paine, a non-striking captain, also ran for points. Then the ball hit the hands of porter Rishabh Pant and he scattered the stumps. After that, it was clear in replays that Tim Paine’s bat crease was over the line, but he benefited from the doubt (Doubt) and the third umpire didn’t give in.

Fans troll the referee

It’s simple: it’s called biased arbitrage.

– Prazzo (@ Prazzo84) December 28, 2020

The difference between this and the Paine exhaustion is that the bails are dislodged when Rahane is on the crease line. For Paine, the bails got dislodged between the frames and it was much more ambiguous

– Hayden Doumergumedov (@HDoumergue) December 28, 2020

This should not have been EXCLUDED because the Australians did not appeal alone. I, for the life of me, can’t see the difference between this and NOT OUT yesterday.

– Goody HOW (@ Mayella09476043) December 28, 2020

Cheat. Paine does not hurt but Rahane is getting hard … Simon Toff said that the bail should come off the two stumps, which was not the case

– Ankit (@ankitkshukla) December 28, 2020

India’s grip on the match is strong

During the Boxing Day Test in Melbourne, the Indian team strengthened its grip and at the end of the third day, Australia had scored 133 points losing 7 wickets. Australia sort of got past India’s 131-point lead and took a two-point lead. However, in the situation the Australian team find themselves in, it is difficult for them to set a big goal in front of India. The Indian bowlers lost it all in Australia by 195 points in the opening innings, then scored an advantage scoring 326 points in their opening innings.

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