India vs England 4th team of virat kohli T20 india must win in 4th t20 | Ind vs Eng: 4th do or die T20 match for Team India, these 4 things will have to be done to win

Ahmedabad: The fourth match of the five-game T20 series between India and England (India v England 4th T20) will be played at Narendra Modi Stadium in Ahmedabad. Virat Brigade lags behind 1-2 in the T20 series. If the Indian team is defeated in today’s match, they will lose the series. In such a situation, this game has become ‘do or die’ for Team India, in which victory is very important. Team India will have to do 4 big things to win in the fourth game of T20. Let’s take a look at what the Indian team will have to do in the fourth game of T20.

1.Win the toss and win the match

The team that won the draw in the first three matches of T20 also won the match. In the first and third matches of T20, England won the draw and chose to go first and won the match easily. At the same time, India won the draw in the second T20 match and went on to name the match itself. Winning the draw on the slow ground in Ahmedabad is decisive. The bowling team later on this ground is defeated. In such a situation, the draw will also be important in the fourth T20 game.

2. Dhawan’s luck instead of Rahul

KL Rahul’s flop in the T20 series against England continues. In the first three games of the T20 series, Rahul’s score so far has been 1.0.0. Despite continued flops, questions are also being raised that Rahul is getting plenty of opportunities. In such a situation, the team management will have to include Shikhar Dhawan in Team India’s game lineup instead of KL Rahul. The duo of Rohit Sharma and Shikhar Dhawan has won the Indian team several times.

3. Mark Wood and Jofra Archer attacked

The Indian drummers are seemingly helpless in front of English bowler Mark Wood and Joffra Archer. Mark Wood and Joffra Archer continuously target Indian batsmen on short balls. In such a situation, if the Indian team is to win in the fourth T20 game, then the Indian batsmen will have to break the mark of Virat Kohli and Mark Wood and Joffra Archer.

4. Improve Fielding

The Indian team had a very poor roster in the third T20 game against England. Virat Kohli and Yuzvendra Chahal lost catches. Apart from that, Indian outfielders also lost run-out opportunities. To win in the fourth T20 game, Indian players will need to take catches and have a better roster.

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