India vs Australia: Vikram Rathore comments on Steve Smith’s incident on the pitch | IND VS AUS: Big statement from Indian team on Steve Smith, broke silence in case of sabotage

Brisbane: Indian team batting coach Vikram Rathour said in the third test match Rishabh Pant was unaware that his guard was wiped out by Steve Smith. Rathore said the team was not aware of the matter. After the news broke about it in the media, the team got information about it.

Rathore made a statement

Rathore (Vikram Rathour) said: ‘We didn’t even know the case. After the game we got the news from the media. Pant didn’t learn this as a drummer. I don’t want to comment on it because it doesn’t matter ”.

The former Indian opener said the Indian team were not troubled by Smith’s form.

Tim Paine on Sunil Gavaskar’s statement war broke out in the two giants

He said: “We all know he’s a good player. Our bowlers are working on a plan against them and the rest of the batsmen. He scored a century in the last game, but we’ll stick to our strategy.

Smith had tampered with the land

When the drinks were broken in the fourth inning of Game 3, Rishabh Pant left the pitch and went to drink some water. Meanwhile, Steve Smith damaged the field with his shoes. While the Australian team struggled to secure wickets, Smith did so in an effort to help his bowlers.

This act of Steve Smith was captured on camera in the stump, but Australian media tried to cover it up and meanwhile old footage started showing on TV. Despite this, Smith’s crime could not be hidden, as the TV feed received outside of Australia could be clearly seen by Smith damaging the pitch. However, returning to the crease, Pant again flattened part of the pitch with his bat.

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