India vs Australia 4th Test: Rishabh Matthew Wade Luge Shane Warne Mark Waugh Pants | India vs Australia 4th test: Rishabh Pant gets angry with Matthew Wade, Shane Warne and Mark Waugh

Brisbane: The Brisbane test of the India and Australia team (India against Australia) continues. The second day’s play could not progress due to the rain and the last session had to be canceled after the tea break. Australia scored 369 points in the opening innings. At the same time, the Indian team scored 62 points in the first innings, losing 2 wickets.

Rishabh sled pants

On the second day of the Brisbane test, Indian team wicket keeper Rishabh Pant has fun sledding. In fact, when Australian batsman Matthew Wade hit, Pant teased him from behind the wicket.

After the lunch break we saw Matthew Wade constantly talking to Pant, people really enjoyed the game as well. After which, there was also a verbal war between the two players.

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Earlier in the Melbourne test, Matthew Wade told Rishabh Pant that “your weight is 25 or 30 kg heavier”.

‘Shane Warne’ and ‘Mark Waugh’

However, Australian veterans Shane Warne and Mark Waugh did not like burning Rishabh Pant with Matthew Wade. These two former players criticized Pant.

Shane Warne said Pant can sled with the opposing batter, but not when the bowler takes the race. Pant laughs with his teammates during the strike. But if the bowler starts running then you should shut up and let the batter focus.

Mark Waugh said, “I have no problem with the goalkeeper talking, but when the bowler is getting ready to throw the ball, the sledge shouldn’t be done. You can rest easy I think the referee should intervene ”.

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