India has a few weeks of lockout to stop the spread of Corona: Fauchi: Amore

New Delhi, 1 May

The White House’s chief medical adviser, Anthony Fauchi, suggested that India should implement a complete lockdown on the country for a few weeks to break the chain of coronaviruses. Fauchi said temporary lockout is a matter of time as it can have a significant impact on the disease. Speaking to The Indian Express, Fuchi said that a temporary shutdown should be done to prevent the virus from spreading rapidly. “We are saddened to see India suffer so much,” the medical expert said. So the rest of the world needs to come together and help. The US expert said that apart from the lockdown, there was a need to focus on oxygen supply, medicines, PPE and vaccination. “In a country like India, where only two percent of the population is vaccinated,” Fauchi said. More and more people will have to vaccinate. At the same time, Fuchi said that there is still suffering, but he assured them that with the help of each other, the good times would be restored. India on Saturday launched the third phase of vaccination in which citizens above 18 years of age are being vaccinated. Currently, vaccination is mainly being done in only six states. -IANS ‘

India’s corona crisis very serious, peaks

Washington: A senior official in the administration of US President Joe Biden has said that the number of corona cases in India has not increased yet and the situation is grim as the number of cases is increasing. The US State Department appointed Gail E as the Global Covent Response and Health Safety Coordinator. Speaking to the media, Smith said that as cases progress, there is a difference between being infected with the virus, getting sick and then needing treatment. He said that if the number of cases increases immediately then there is a greater need for oxygen and vaccination, PPE and testing. -PTI

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