Ind vs Eng: What is the secret of this red T-shirt under Virat Kohli’s jersey? Fans on Twitter made such comments

Pune: Indian captain Virat Kohli was seen wearing a red t-shirt under the Indian team jersey during the first ODI against England. Social media fans couldn’t help but wear Kohli’s red t-shirt and started making various comments. Some people think this is a Virat Kohli trick. It is not yet revealed why Kohli wore a red t-shirt under the Indian team jersey.

Did this red T-shirt help #Kohli get in shape?
See him regularly these days.

Cricketers undoubtedly have superstitions. #ViratKohli #INDvENG #INDvsENG

– g0v! ÑD $ # @ ®mA (@ rishu_1809) March 23, 2021

Kohli got his red t-shirt again today. Maybe luck he believes #INDvENG #ViratKohli

– as | am (@asIam_as) March 23, 2021

Virat Kohli wearing a red T-shirt inside India jersey is super cool and started this from the T20 series, chances are some sort of luck factor – someone should ask questions about it in the press.

– Johns. (@CricCrazyJohns) March 23, 2021

Is this Kohli’s rocket?

Commenting on Virat Kohli’s photo on social media, some people said it was probably the advice to get Virat Kohli back in shape. Let me tell you, Virat Kohli was out of shape for a long time, but in the T20 series against England he was the hero of India’s series victory.

Amazing fact in the T20 series

Virat Kohli had scored the highest 231 points in this T20 series. Virat Kohli has been chosen as the “man of the series” in the T20 series. After that, he also played a brilliant 56-point inning in the first ODI. In such a situation, a red t-shirt is considered Kohli’s lucky reason.

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