IND vs ENG: Virat Kohli on Ahmedabad field, Joe Root on field, Michael Vaughan, Harbhajan Singh, India vs England 3rd test | IND vs ENG: Virat Kohli defended the Ahmedabad pitch. The drummers held responsible for the end of the match soon

Ahmedabad: Indian team captain Virat Kohli defended the turn after recording a 10-wicket win over England in the Pink Ball Test. He said the pitch was not responsible for the end of the game in 2 days, but the performance of both teams’ batsmen was poor.

Virat Kohli said there was no fault on the pitch, at least in the opening innings it was not and only the ball was spinning. While many former cricketers such as Michael Vaughan and Harbhajan Singh have said the pitch is not ideal.

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Defending the court, the Indian captain said: “To be honest I don’t think the hitting level was good. Our score was 100 races for 3 wickets at a time and we were fired for less than 150 races. Only one ball took a turn and in the first innings it was a good wicket for the bat.

Kohli said both teams’ beaters didn’t do better. Only Rohit Sharma and Englishman Jack Crowley managed to beat easily. He said: ‘It was strange that 21 wickets out of 30 fell on the right ball. In Test Cricket you need to be confident in your defense. By not playing according to that, the drummers were out early.

England captain Joe Root was in no mood to provide an excuse for the crushing defeat, saying the visiting team did not get off to a good start in the opening innings after deciding to strike after winning the draw. counter. But we were not able to take advantage of it. The score of 250 tracks on this wicket could have been quite good.

Joe Root added: “After this loss we will come back as a better team. Instead of blaming the field, Root said India’s best bowling alley is making a difference. He said: ‘The layer of plastic on the ball gave birth to the wicket. It was also a very good level of bowling. The two teams were fighting on this wicket.

Root said, “We shouldn’t be carrying the burden of the previous game in the last game. We have seen that we can also take counters. I think if I can take 5 wickets then it shows the wicket. He also praised Ishant Sharma for making 100 test wickets for Ashwin for 100 test matches.

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