IND vs ENG: Team India becomes first team to win 13 home test series | IND vs ENG: Team India set a great record, Australia couldn’t do it in the 90s

New Delhi: India beat England by one set and 25 points in the final test of the series. India won the series 3–1 after winning this test. England beat India by 227 points in the first test of the series. In response, the Indian team won the second game by 317 points and after that they won the third test by 10 wickets. India put a big record in its bag as soon as this series bears its name.

India set a great record

The Indian team made a big record after beating England in the series. It was India’s 13th consecutive home series victory. No team in the world has won more home series in a row than India. India has won 13 consecutive home series since 2013. After India, Australia’s name comes in this episode, which won 10 consecutive home series from November 1994 to November 2000.

The last series was lost to England in 2012

India lost the last home series to England in 2012. The England team that came to India at that time, despite losing the first Test, beat India 2-1. Since that round, India has so far not lost any rounds of home tests. India have played 37 test matches since this series, winning 30 tests, while losing 2 tests. 5 The tests ended in a draw.

England kneels before Ashwin-Akshar

In the second round of the fourth test match of the series, the England team succumbed to Axar Patel and Ravichandran Ashwin (R Ashwin). Ashwin-Akshar won all 10 wickets for England in his second round. Ashwin and Akshar took 5-5 wickets in the second inning. Speaking of the entire series, Ashwin took 32 wickets in this series, while Akshar managed to take 27.

Gets a place in the final of the World Test Championship

After beating England 3-1 in the four-game series, they made it to the Test World Championship (WTC) final. India needed to win series 4–0, 3–1 or 2–1 to reach the World Test Championship (WTC) final. India will now face New Zealand in the World Test Championship (WTC) final at Lord’s (Lords) Ground in June.

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