IND vs ENG: Members of the England cricket team got it due to the weather change in Ahmedabad, India vs England, Paul Collingwood, Diarrhea | IND vs ENG: Ahmedabad season suddenly changes, some England squad members are sick

Ahmedabad: The fourth test match between India and England (IND vs ENG) is due to start at Narendra Modi stadium from March 4th, but before that due to a sudden change in weather some members of England got sick.

Some other members, including England assistant coach Paul Collingwood, fell ill due to the sudden rise in temperature in the city of Ahmadabad (Ahmedabad). Collingwood is reported to be suffering from diarrhea.

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England cricket team captain Joe Root has also confirmed his team members are ill. However, he did not say how many people are sick and what happened to them.

Root told UK media: “Some people on the team got sick. We watch it. To be honest, I don’t know how many people have suffered from it, while Virat Kohli has confirmed that all Indian players are in good shape.

Kohli said: “ There is nothing to fear for the health of the team. All in Shape Some members of England have fallen ill due to the changes in the weather. It’s been hot here for a few days. It always happens at this time of year when the weather is constantly changing. It takes time to adapt.

England lead 1-2 in this series and the team also have a rotation policy, thanks to which Jos Buttler and Moin Ali can be excluded from the fourth game and these players can now appear in the limited series.

Root said: “ Everyone trained on Tuesday and we’re watching him. Hope there will be no problem. In Ahmedabad, the maximum temperature of the last days rises to 35-37 degrees while the minimum temperature is 14-16 degrees.

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