IND vs ENG: How Shikhar Dhawan played an exceptional shot after poor form | IND vs ENG: How did you become the winner of the match after coming out of bad form? Shikhar Dhawan opened the secrets of the heart

New Delhi: The Indian cricket team beat England by 66 points in the first ODI. With the victory of this game, India has now achieved a significant 1-0 lead in the 3 game series. In that game, Indian opener Shikhar Dhawan came back on form and played a brilliant 98-point inning. Dhawan has now revealed how he came back out of shape.

Dhawan made a big comeback

Shikhar Dhawan has suffered from poor chin shape for some time. In the T20 series against England, Dhawan was sacked early in the first game, after which he had to stay out of the squad throughout the series. In the first game of the ODI series he was given another chance and with a surprise right away he explained to everyone why he is counted among the best workers in the world. Dhawan played a brilliant 98-point, 106-ball inning in this game. Although Dhawan missed his century, he nonetheless laid the groundwork for India’s victory.

Dhawan said a great thing

Dhawan (Shikhar Dhawan) said in the post-match press conference: “ There is always pressure in international cricket and the good thing is that being an experienced player I know how to handle that pressure well and the other thing is that experienced players. If I am, I know what kind of move to play on a wicket, we can read the wicket well and say it well in the punch unit. This is what we did and it worked for us as well. He said, “Of course when I got into the compound I had enough shots to play to be able to score points.”

Stayed positive in the T20 series as well

After being kicked out of the T20 squad only after the first game, Dhawan said he remained positive. He said, “When I wasn’t playing in the T20 series, I stayed positive. I continued to focus on my process, my fitness, my workout at the gym and stayed positive. I try to stay positive in every situation. This is what I was doing. I was working on my stick. I knew that if I had a chance, I would take it.

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