IND vs ENG: Fans angry after third referee let Ben Stokes not come out | IND vs ENG: Ben Stokes gives life because of referee error, fans ignite on Twitter

New Delhi: The second match of the series of 3 matches between India and England (IND vs ENG) is played today in Pune. India scored 336 points dropping 6 wickets in that game, batting first. All-star Ben Stokes had a break in his life due to a referee error on the pitch when England struck in that game, after which anger from Indian fans started to erupt on Twitter .

Stokes earns a living

In fact, in England’s 26th inning, Jonny Bairstow ran to take a shot, playing a shot. Then Kuldeep Yadav, standing in the middle of the wicket, threw a throw at the end of the stick. This Kuldeep throw was straight into the wickets. The referee on the field left the decision to the third referee. It was seen in the review that Stokes’ bat was not inside the line. But third referee Anil Chaudhary didn’t give Stokes. After this decision of the third referee, he was criticized everywhere.

People’s anger broke out on the referee

As soon as third referee Anil Chaudhary let Stokes not come out, people’s anger on social media started to erupt. People shared different types of tweets and applied the third referee class.

Even better referee than Anil Chaudhary and Virender Sharma. # INDvENG #ENGvIND #INDvsENG #ENGvsIND #INDvEND

– Awarapan (@KingSlayer_Rule) March 26, 2021

Can we please start a petition to return the third umpire pls #INDvENG

– Navaldeep Singh (@NavalGeekSingh) March 26, 2021

How we see it How the 3rd referee sees it # INDvENG

– Rohit #KL (@ IamRR53) March 26, 2021

Bat was not inside. It was in play. How is it NOT OUT? What’s wrong with the third referee? #INDvENG

– Fan of Narendra Modi (@ narendramodi177) March 26, 2021

It’s clear that these referees are literally favoring England # Cricket

– Vallavan (@ Vallava90659735) March 26, 2021

Excellent stick by Rahul-Pant

In the second ODI against England, India scored 336 points, dropping 6 wickets while hitting first. KL Rahul played an excellent century of 108 innings for India. Apart from that, Rishabh Pant also played a quick 77 point shot. While captain Virat Kohli also scored 66 points.

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