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Ahmedabad: On the first day of the third Test between India and England (IND vs ENG), Team India completely beat the visiting team. Joe Root’s team were in full swing for the fourth lowest score in their testing history. After being sacked for 112 points, the England team suffered a setback and it was clearly visible on the pitch that the English players had surrendered. At the same time, something happened in the game that everyone was surprised to see.

Did Ben Stokes Commit Dishonesty?

Team India started beating after bowling in England for just 112 points. The heats of the Indian team had just started that the England team were shocked. In the second half of the round, something happened for the England team that all the spectators just kept watching.

IND VS ENG: Ben Stokes committed a major rule violation on day one of the match, the referee took this step

In fact, in the second inning of the India innings, the ball went to Ben Stokes with the bat from Shubman Gill, who was playing second slip. Stokes caught the ball, then the whole team appealed. After which, the referee gave a soft decision and checked with the third referee.

You decide. @bbctms

– PRAKASH WAKANKAR (@pakwakankar) February 24, 2021

When the third referee saw the video it was found that the ball had touched the ground and then Stokes (Ben Stokes) caught it. The third referee judged notout. After that Joe Root and the England team were very disappointed.

Fans are raging on hits

Although the ball first hit the ground, Ben Stokes caught it. In such a situation, the fans are angry about it. They believe it is nothing less than dishonesty. Not only that, fans started trolling Stokes.

It clearly hits the ground. I don’t know why Ben Stokes even called for that one. Joe Root is disappointed for no reason. #INDvENG

– UrMiL0 (@ urmilpatel30) February 24, 2021

Ben Stokes claimed this as a “safe hold” and these people invented this game. #INDvENG

– Neeche Se Topper (@NeecheSeTopper) February 24, 2021

I’m disappointed that I’m a fan of this so-called best in the world Ben Stokes scam.
Everyone’s talking, no show. Sir Jadeja away from this fraud ….

– Ex Kohli fan Ethan Hunt (@theshivansh_p) February 24, 2021

Indian Ben Stokes fans right now: #INDvENG

– Gaurav Gupta (@ g48660305) February 24, 2021

Ben Stokes claimed it was a “safe catch” #INDvENG

Third referee:

– Rahul (@Rahulismm) February 24, 2021

Ricky Ponting at Ben Stokes today – # INDvEND #BenStokes #PinkBallTest #Shubmangill #NarendraModiStadium

– Anshul (@tea_anshul) February 24, 2021

Ben Stokes after taking this “catch”.

– Sumit (@_RKSumit) February 24, 2021

The strong performance of Team India

On the first day of the third test played between India and England (IND vs ENG), if a player has won everyone’s hearts with his performance, then he is Axar Patel. He freed the English team’s sweat from its rotation.

Appropriate response from Kiren Rijiju to critics on behalf of Narendra Modi stadium, targeting Rahul Gandhi

Axar Patel played an important role in the second test match of his career, taking 6 wickets for 38 points to reduce England to 112 points. Apart from Axar Patel, Ravichandran Ashwin took 3 wickets, leaving England in 48.4 overs. In response, Team India scored 99 points for 3 wickets.

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