IND vs AUS Sydney test: Indian cricketer fan Prateik Kelkar claims there was not a single racist word said against Mohammed Siraj at Sydney Cricket Ground | IND vs AUS Sydney test: claim by Indian cricket fan ‘

New Delhi: The third test between India and Australia was full of controversy. On the third and fourth day of the match, the Indian team alleged that Mohammed Siraj had made racist remarks. Some spectators on the stands at Sydney Cricket Ground would have called this fast bowler a “Brown Dog”.

Action on the accused public

Due to this act of spectators on Sunday, all the players reached midfield and the game had to be put on hold for a while. After this incident, security personnel at the Sydney Cricket Ground led 6 people out of the stands. Cricket Australia has also apologized for the incident.

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Now a new twist has arrived in this story. On the fourth day of the match, an Indian cricket fan in the stadium flatly rejected these things. According to a person named Prateik Kelkar, he was expelled from the stadium on Sunday for defending spectators accused of racist remarks.

‘The allegations are false’

Prateik Kelkar claimed that no racial comments were made against Indian melon Mohammed Siraj. Prateek thinks Siraj may have heard those voices from elsewhere, but the audience who were kicked out didn’t say any offensive words.

Video viral complaint
In the video of the incident, which goes viral on social media, it is claimed that Siraj was abused. Mohammed Siraj’s name is heard correctly in the audio, but the voice of alleged racist remarks is not being made correctly.

Well, that’s proof ……
#INDvsAUS #racism #AUSvINDtest

– Rithvik Shetty (@ Shetty10Rithvik) January 10, 2021

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