IND VS AUS: Ravichandran Ashwin explains how they were not allowed into elevator with Aussie players | Indian team ‘insulted’ on Australian tour, Ravichandran Ashwin’s big reveal

New Delhi: Team India’s tour of Australia was very special and the reason is not only India’s series victory. After the embarrassing defeat of the Indian team in the first test, the team’s tapes were very torn. Australian media then accused the team’s players of breaking Corona’s rules. Not only that, Australian fans even abused Siraj after that.

There have been many occasions when the team hasn’t done it right, but despite all of that, the way Team India won this battle, they are very special.

Indian players ‘insulted’ on Australia tour

However, apart from all these incidents something has happened with the Team India players which raises many questions about this tour. In fact, during the Border-Gavaskar Trophy, Team India players were not allowed to enter the elevator with the host team in Sydney.

Team India’s increased tension, England team wreaks havoc in Sri Lanka

Indian veteran Ravichandran Ashwin has revealed it. Ashwin shared the information during a conversation on YouTub channel with India cricket team coach R Sridhar.

The great revelation of Ashwin

Ashwin (Ravichandran Ashwin) said on his YouTube channel: ‘After reaching Sydney he locked us up with strict restrictions. A unique incident took place in Sydney. It was strange to be honest. India and Australia were in the same bioble. But when the Australian players were in the elevator, they did not allow Indian players to enter the elevator.

He said, “Really, we felt very bad then. We are in the same bio bubble. But you are sitting in the elevator and you cannot share the elevator with another person living in the same bubble. It was very difficult for us to digest it ”.

Please say Ravichandran Ashwin won 12 wickets while being the best at bowling in the four match test series played on the Australia tour. With Hanuma Vihari in the Sydney test, he saved India from defeat with the ball.

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