Ind Vs Aus: Navdeep Saini said I couldn’t hesitate to play with groin injury in Brisbane test on call from captain Ajinkya Rahane | Navdeep Saini

New Delhi: Due to a groin injury, fast bowler Navdeep Saini couldn’t do his best in Brisbane’s test against Australia. Still, afraid of not having the chance to play again on such a big occasion, he played 5 overs despite an injury at the captain’s request.

After waiting for many years, Saini, 28, who made his cricket test debut in Australia, said: “Ajinkya Bhaiya asked if I could play despite the injury, I have to say yes.” When Rishabh Pant scored the winning points at Gaba, on the other end was Navdeep Saini.

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After winning 4 wickets in his first test in Sydney, Saini suffered an injury in Australia’s opening innings over Gabba and managed to play 7.5 overs. The Indian team were already troubled by the players’ fitness issues. Navdeep Saini said: ‘I was fine but suddenly I was injured. I wondered why I got injured in such an important game when I had the chance to play after so many years.

He said: “All I wanted was to be able to play despite the injury. May never have such an opportunity again. Captain Rahane asked me if I could play. I was in pain but I said I would do whatever I can. Now I am recovering and will be in good shape soon. Saini, who has played 10 T20 and 7 ODI so far, is not part of the Indian squad for the first 2 Test Series matches against England from February 5.

Asked about the most valuable of his 4 test wickets, he said: “All wickets are special, but never forget the first wicket. Until that is found, you keep thinking about the first wicket. It’s natural to be thrilled with the rebound on Australian pitches. In such a situation there is the temptation to play shortball, but Test Cricket is more than that. You must always perform well while keeping restraint.

He said: “Being mentally strong is important for a good performance in Australia. They don’t give up until the end. The management of the Indian team has been very supportive, including the captain and Rohit Bhaiya. He said I should play like I do in the Ranji Trophy.

Speaking to Mohammad Siraj, he said: “He is one of my best friends. We played cricket a lot for India A. There’s a lot of talk about bowling. He helped me a lot in the first game. After his father died, he stopped and showed how strong he is. His achievement is very important for the team.
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