IND vs AUS: Fans call on Rahul Dravid to replace Ravi Shastri as coach of the Indian cricket team | IND vs AUS: demand to remove Ravi Shastri as coach, Rahul Dravid has become fans’ choice

New Delhi: After the embarrassing defeat of Team India, fans’ anger is being felt on social media. On Twitter, fans are calling for Ravi Shastri’s removal from the coaching post. After losing to Australia, Ravi Shastri was all the rage on Twitter and Twitter users blame Shastri for this team’s defeat somewhere.

It’s time to change the coaching department to #TeamIndia. @RaviShastriOfc took India as far as he could. Still some time before the T20 World Cup, the new coach would have enough time with the players and make a good limited and tested squad.

– Ricky (@ rickypatel26) December 19, 2020

In the first Test of the Test Series played against Australia, the Indian team suffered a crushing 8-wicket defeat. In the match, Team India scored 244 points in the opening innings. In the first heats, Australia had accumulated 191 points and Team India came out with a 53-point lead in the second heats. The Indian team started the day with nine points for the loss of a wicket. On the third day, they continued to lose wickets and Australia edged India out by just 36 points.

It’s time for #RaviShastri to get back to the comments. Really missing now a day. India need new coach for better selection and orientation of @BCCI teams

– Harish Kumar Dongala (@HarishDongala) December 19, 2020

Fans are blaming Ravi Shastri for this disappointing performance by Team India and the demand to remove him from his coaching position has caught fire. There is a demand to make Rahul Dravid the coach instead of Shastri.

#INDvsAUSTest #RaviShastri

The coach we need
Coach we have

– Santosh Meena (Bhankari) (@ SaNtosH_RJ34) December 19, 2020

Bring it @BCCI @ SGanguly99 #RaviShastri

– Nirmal Rj (@ Nirmalrj10) December 19, 2020

# IndiavsAustralia # INDvsAUSTest #INDvsAUS # INDvAUS @ BCCI
After watching the performance of the Indian team, India must change captain and coach
Mainly coach #RaviShastri must replace does nothing # Ravishastri_Hatao

– Tushar being Indian (@ TusharbeingInd1) December 19, 2020

Ravi Shastri is all the rage and everyone wants him removed from his coaching job
The * BCCI # RaviShastri

– ʀ ᴏ ʜ ɪ (@Unknown_Rohit) December 19, 2020

India fielding was poor since this tour started … and prithvi shaw was not in touch in practice matches … but our trainer #RaviShastri was just chilling, drinking beer and take a nap. It is the coach who literally does nothing. Remove it @BCCI #INDvAUS #viratkholi

– Akash (@akaash_pratap) December 19, 2020

#INDvsAUSTest India right now #RaviShastri

– Adv Sanyam Bhardwaj (@advsbhardwaj) December 19, 2020

Delete #RaviShastri @RaviShastriOfc he is a disgusting coach..other idiot after #chappell was that a team ??? @ SGanguly99 @ anilkumble1074

– manish yadav (@itsmemaniyad) December 19, 2020

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