Reacher’s Alan Ritchson Discusses His Past Suicide Attempt and Sexual Assaults

Actor Alan Ritchson, who starred in Amazon’s “Reacher,” fearlessly recounted his experience of overcoming trauma and resiliency in a recent interview with The Hollywood Reporter. Ritchson talked about the psychological effects of being sexually assaulted during his early modelling career, as well as his previous suicide attempt.

Speaking openly about the negative aspects of the modelling business, Ritchson compared it to “legalized sex trafficking.” He talked about the pressure to put up with exploitative circumstances and modelling gigs that paid poorly. In one instance, a “lucrative campaign” connected to a naked photo session occurred. Ritchson claims that during this photo session, a “very famous photographer” sexually abused him. He was extremely troubled by the encounter.

“After leaving, I drove straight to the agency that I was at in L.A.” Ritchson remembered. “‘F**k you for sending me there,’ I yelled as I stormed in. “You took action despite being aware of the consequences,” he said to THR. His emotional wounds from the incident caused him to leave the modelling business.

Ritchson’s mental health was severely harmed by the trauma of these assaults, which occurred repeatedly. At some point, he made an attempt on his life, which was a terrifying incident that he candidly shared. “I took my own life by hanging. “Everything happened so quickly, and I was hanging there,” he remarked.

Ritchson believes that a vision of his future boys saved him in that critical moment. “They gently asked me not to do it and told me that they wanted me to be here, alive and part of their lives,” he continued.  This strong picture became his lifeline and made him ask for assistance.

Ritchson was diagnosed with bipolar disorder after the attempt. The diagnosis felt validating even though it was difficult. “Deep down, I was reassured to know, ‘OK, there’s a name for this,'” he kept saying.

The tale of Ritchson is one of bravery and survival. He draws attention to the often-ignored problem of male victims of sexual assault and the terrible consequences that can result. His experience serves as a helpful reminder of the need to be aware of mental health issues and seek help when necessary.

Ritchson has encountered further difficulties. Additionally, he disclosed his continuous battles with ADHD and bipolar disorder. But he finds comfort in his performing job and his family. After making the switch from modelling to Hollywood, Ritchson starred in television series including “Smallville” and “Blue Mountain State” before securing the lead in “Reacher.”

Ritchson wants to encourage and bring attention to those who might be going through similar struggles by sharing his story. He is proof of the human spirit’s capacity to persevere in the face of difficulty. Get help right now if you or someone you know is experiencing suicidal thoughts. Make a daytime or evening call to the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 988. You’re not alone in this.

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