ICC said referees called for staying in International Cricket, 3 DRS changes approved | Big ICC ruling on contested arbitrator appeal, 3 important changes to DRS rules

Dubai: There has been a lot of controversy over the “referee’s call” during the international cricket match for quite some time. Many cricketers have had to bear the brunt of this rule after which it has come under heavy criticism in the halls of social media and among cricketers. Now the ICC has taken a big decision on this.

Speak on ‘Call for referees’

In a statement released by the governing body of the ICC after the board meeting on Wednesday, the head of the ICC cricket committee and former Indian captain Anil Kumble said: “There has been a great discussion within of the cricket committee on the call of referees and its use. “It has been evaluated in detail.

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“ Field referees remain important ”

Anil Kumble said: “The principle of DRS is that obvious mistakes during the match can be removed while ensuring that the role of the referees as decision makers on the pitch remains. This happens with the call of the “referees” and for this reason it is important that it remains intact. “

Details of International Cricket Council (ICC) board and committee meetings here https://t.co/mAkkv1F8Hz

– ICC Media (@ICCMediaComms) April 1, 2021

Continuation of the arbitrators’ call

At the ICC Council meeting, it was decided that the controversial “Arbitrator Appeal” will remain part of the DRS, but made 3 minor changes to the existing rules. This was done so that errors can be rectified.

First change

The ICC said in a statement: “For the examination of LBW, the height of the wicket area has been increased to the top of the stumps.” This means that during the examination, the height above the bails will be examined whereas previously the height of the lower part of the bails was considered. This will increase the height of the wicket area.

Second change

Before deciding the DRW on LBW, the player may ask the referee whether the actual attempt was made to play the ball or not. “The third referee will be able to see him again during replays in the event of a short run and if there is an error, correct it before the next ball is played,” the statement said.

Third change

It has also been decided that the provisional Kovid-19 rules, implemented in 2020, will be maintained to restore international cricket. The ICC said: “The committee noted the impressive performance of national arbitrators over the past 9 months, but encouraged the appointment of elite neutral panel arbitrators to the extent possible given the circumstances.”

What is the “call of the referees”?

Under current ICC rules, when the LBW’s appeal is contested, the referee’s decision not to go out should hit more than 50% of the ball with at least one stump to replace it. In the event that this did not happen, the drummer would not have come out.

Kohli raised questions over ‘referees call’

Indian team captain Virat Kohli called the referee’s call “ confusing ” and it has been the subject of controversy for some time. Kohli said if even a small part of the ball hits the stumps, the batter should be given away.

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