Ian Chappell on Pink Ball Test said: “Team India took advantage of England’s weakness against Spin”. News in Hindi

New Delhi: Former Australian captain Ian Chappell said India identified England’s weakness in spinning in the second test played in Chennai. In the third test, Team India used it as their advantage, due to which the guest team lost the Pink Ball Test match within 2 days.

Turners Akshar Patel and Ravichandran Ahswin took 11 and 7 wickets respectively, leaving England out of 112 points in the first sets and 81 points in the second sets. He won the match by 10 wickets.

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Previously, the Indian team had won the second test in Chennai by 317 races. In this test, the England team could only score 134 and 164 points in the two sets. Chappell wrote in his column on “ESPN Cricinfo”, “India decided to feed 3 spinners in the Test because no batsman other than Joe Root could do well against the Chennai field spins.”

Ian Chappell said: “India (Team India), by using it correctly, used it to their advantage, influencing their mentality.” He said England’s innings in the second test played in Chennai were confined on the cheap because their batsmen did not trust their defensive play.

The former cricketer said: ‘Faced with the serious challenge of the spin, the England batsmen were not confident in their defensive play due to which they tried to take an aggressive stance against the Indian spinners. He used reverse balayage instead of coming out of the crease, which is one example.

He asked himself, “How can risky shots, played in advance, be better than the reliable technique used to destabilize good spinners ?. The drummer has the ability to play the stroke according to the spirit while reducing the impact of spin through better use of steps. It’s a skill that is learned in the early days of the game.

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